J3B3 Economistes

Economics, territory and data analysis

Enhancing economy, for a better environment

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Research on economics

Stats, econometrics, geomarketing

We explore new markets

Workfield and etnography

We study the territory

Exploiting data

Business analysis

We actively participate on our projects

Consulting services

  • Economic impact quantification
  • New markets prospection
  • Strategy plans
  • Workfield (surveys, questionnaire design, …)
  • Business plans and economic strategy
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We work for:

  • Retail, tourism, industry
  • Local economic development
  • Clusters, business associations
  • SMEs
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Independent research

We are compromised with research For this reason, we carry out our own, self-financed and, absolutely, independent studies; with the sole interest of knowing and learning about the environment in which we live.

Because we are unrelated to pressures by any organization


Because our criterion is based on offering objective results


Because we are a committed company with values

Our studies, in addition, are a laboratory for methodological learning and the implementation of new study techniques.

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