Local development consultancy and economic promotion

Studies, strategic planning and technical assistance in the field of business, urban commerce and tourism.

J3B3 LocalLocal

We are a specialized consultancy in local development.

J3B3 CuitatCity

Promotion of the city, be it economic, social, cultural or environmental.

J3B3 ÀmbitAmbit

We work for town councils and local businesses.

Consulting services

We propose a solution for every challenge

J3B3 Empresa


We diagnose economic sectors, companies and clusters in a territory

We establish a strategic and action plan tailored for the promotion of employment

We make business census and georeferencing them

J3B3 Comerç Urbà

Urban commmerce

We think about the best strategic plan and commercial dynamization for each municipality

We make shop and services census and we geolocate it on online platforms

We study the economic impact of a fair or a market

We investigate the impact of ICT and ecommerce in urban commerce

We respect local businesses and sustainable mobility

J3B3 Turisme


We analyze the economic impact of cultural and sports events

We design a tourist plan suitable to every territory

We study the viability of public facilities

We provide assistance technique in cultural and sports tourism projects

J3B3 Ciutat


We design the most appropriate city marketing plan

City branding planification

We evaluate smart city transition

We analyze demographic and economic aspects for local housing plans

Our values: adaptability and sustainability

Our company has a series of values that we try to have present in all the projects and works. These values arise as a result of respect for both our customers and their environment.

Consumption and emissions

of CO2 that we use to make each project, are as low as possible.

We keep the ethics

throughout the production process and is present in all stages of our value chain.

Each project is different

custom made for the particular needs of each territory.

The implementation

of our proposals are geared towards the smallest environmental impact.

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