Ecommerce research 2018

Ecommerce research 2018


This study is an update of the research carried out during the past year. As in the previous edition, it is a J3B3 research project, self-financing with its own resources and without being in charge of any other company or institution.

On this occasion, emphasis will be placed on knowing how the use of social networks affects the determination to adopt an e-commerce platform. It will also be determined if the size of the companies affects the adoption of this technology. In addition, it will be enlightened if community management services are subcontracted, if it is present at Amazon-type marketplaces and, finally, the profitability associated with an online sales page.

Methodological aspects

  • N = 400 (micro, small and medium enterprises with CNAE47 with headquarters in Catalonia)
  • Simple random sampling from database obtained through SABI
  • Telephone survey through the CATI system


Project name: Ecommerce research 2018

Sector: Ecommerce

Supplier: FEM-CET


Year: 2018