Economic impact study Christmas campaign

Economic impact study Christmas campaign


The Rubí Town Council's Department of Commerce dedicates, year after year, many economic and human efforts in the design, organization and execution of commercial revitalization activities within the framework of the Christmas holidays. This is how, after the campaign (2018-2019), several actions have been carried out, spread over different days and slots. However, the city council does not have data to evaluate the actions it program; despite being aware of the high budgetary burden that it entails.

For this reason, the concern of the city council is to know the degree of effectiveness of the same and what real impact they have in local commerce. To this end, the commission carried out consists of a study of economic impact of the Christmas campaign that is carried out in the municipality.

For the analysis, a fieldwork consisting of visitor surveys (n = 430) is carried out on different days and slots.

Following is an exploitation of the results and the impact is determined based on the average cost made by the users of the activities (ice rink, trains, workshops), as well as the conversion rate and the number of users accounting in each one of the actions of dynamization proposed by the city council.

Project name: Economic impact study Christmas campaign

Sector: Urban commerce

Client: Ajuntament de Rubí

Year: 2019