Economic development consulting

We understand local development as the management of public policies aimed at improving the welfare and quality of life of the people who inhabit the municipalities.


The economic promotion refers to the set of actions aimed at increasing the profitability of businesses in an area. The ultimate goal is to create wealth in the territory so that this, above all, reverses the people who live there.

The premise is simple: if urban commerce, business and tourism generate wealth, then they create employment and affect the improvement of the economic and wage conditions of their inhabitants.

Hence, the consultancy actions in economic promotion we offer are raised from the point of view of sustainability, respect for the environment and the promotion of the green, collaborative and proximity economy.

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The promotion of the city has the objective of affecting social, environmental, cultural and technological aspects in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of a municipality.

The consultancy projects in city promotion include those aspects that affect the daily life of the people. Therefore, it is necessary to design a strategy that achieves the desired goals; in terms of improving public management efficiency.

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