What we do in J3B3 Economics

Economic consulting services for companies and institutions

For public administration

  • Economic, social and environmental impact studies
  • Surveys on consumer habits and purchases. Market studies
  • Local economic development
  • Design of strategic plans
  • Analysis of the territory
  • Advice and support on public policies
  • European project management
  • Customized retail tour organization
  • Commercial dynamisation campaigns

For SMEs

  • Analysis and prospecting of locations for businesses and warehouses
  • Financial, marketing, strategic, operations and communication plans
  • Retail Specialists, retail internacional and retail Barcelona
  • Design of commercial strategy


  • Innovative training actions for retail innovation
  • Practical workshops and specific seminars: visual merchandising, commercial dinamizatión, TIC...
  • Technical training for public administration and business
Economic consulting services for companies and institutions

Retail specialists