Consulting services

We are specialized in consultancy services and technical assistance in the area of ​​local development and, also, in the preparation of impact studies.

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Local development projects and impact studies

The most successful local development projects are the development of strategic plans, action plans, commercial revitalization plans, tourism development plans and projects, business climate surveys and commercial climate.


the design and elaboration of indicators, business censuses, sectorial diagnoses as well as weekly market modernization projects and fairs, or even the study of the feasibility of specific events or public facilities.

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Consulting methodology

Our consultancy services are based on a methodology that incorporates, the design and execution of field work, the analysis and diagnosis, the preparation of maps, the obtaining of data, the citizen participation, the dynamics of groups as well as the coordination of interviews with agents of the territory.


The involvement and delivery of our company in the achievement of the objectives is absolute. That is why we put at your disposal a team of professionals tailored to each need.

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