City promotion

Another area of the consulting services related to the area of local development is the promotion of the city.

The areas we treat for the promotion of the city are those related to the daily life of the people who live in them: culture, society, environment and technology.

We have the tools and knowledge to create a plan for the promotion of the city, with the aim of positioning it and differentiating it from other cities or places.

City promotion projects

Our actions of consulting in promotion of the city are focused on:

  • Diagnosis for the transition to smart city
  • Cultural promotion plans
  • Intermunicipal and interstate cooperation
  • City brand design
  • Socio-demographic analysis for local housing policies (PLH)

The projects of consultancy of promotion of the city that we work of more frequent way for local councils and entities are:

  • Study and elaboration of city positioning techniques
  • Analysis and preparation of plan for city brand design
  • Diagnosis of cultural companies and city events
  • Benchmarking with other cities
  • Exchange of experiences and coordination of meetings between different agents

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