Urban commerce consultancy

Urban commerce is a major agent in the economic and social structuring of municipalities.

Retail and services structure cities and makes them unique according to the variety and quality of establishments that are on the street. Although in recent years there has been a loss of the economic weight of this sector, its role as an element of economic and social dynamism remains valid.

Actions of urban commerce

Our actions of consulting in urban commerce for local councils and entities are mainly aimed at:

  • Promotion of urban commerce in terms of profitability and also social cohesion.
  • Construction of compact and sustainable city models.
  • Reinforcement of proximity commerce.
  • Promotion of public-private cooperation

To achieve this, we are based on knowing the reality of each place and dealing with it individually and individually, depending on the real needs.

Urban commerce projects

The urban commerce consultancy projects that we work most frequently are:

  • Drafting of strategic trade plans, fairs and markets
  • Development of trade censuses and online consultation platforms
  • Design of commercial revitalization plans
  • Feasibility study of new fairs or markets
  • Non-sedentary market modernization study
  • Technical assistance and training in proximity trade issues

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