Consulting for firms and companies and entrepreneurship

Any company is the maximum exponent of the economic and developmental promotion venue of most of townships.

It is an evidence that treats of one of the principal engines at the creation of workplaces. Besides, it serves of barometer to take the rhythm of the economics of a zone

Entrepreneurship actions

Our consultancy activities in the field of the company for municipalities and public entities take the following approach:

  • Activation of small and medium enterprises
  • Creation of jobs and employment
  • Design of models inspired by the circular economy
  • Study and improvement of polygons of economic activity (PAE)
  • Work in network and mobility

Projects for companies and entrepreneurship

To work this specific sphere of the economic promotion and the local development realise, predominately, projects like the following:

  • Sectorial diagnosis of industrial companies
  • Writing of strategic plans for the improvement of the polygons of economic activity
  • Analysis of the logistics and of the services that offers at the company
  • Elaboration of business censuses and online platforms of query

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