Tourism consultancy

Tourism is a sector that provides opportunities and threats in a territory. If the planning and study of the tourist impact is made in a way that is consistent with reality, then satisfactory results can be obtained in economic terms, of job creation but also in the social and environmental spectrum.

Tourism is, then, a sector that provides wealth, although it requires observation to define the best tourist model based on the resources available in the territory.

Actions about tourism

Our actions of consultancy in tourism for city councils and public administration are oriented towards:

  • Economic impact of tourism taking into account the social and environmental impact
  • Study of tourist opportunities in a territory
  • Definition of the most suitable tourist model: overnight stays, gastronomic, excursion, meetings, sports etc.

Tourisme projects

The tourism consulting projects we work most frequently are:

  • Drafting of strategic tourism plans
  • Elaboration of tourist company censuses and online consultation platforms
  • Design of tourism dynamization plans
  • Study of viability of new tourism projects

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