Research papers and publications

We are committed to research and research. For this reason, we carry out our own, self-financed and absolutely independent studies; with the sole interest of knowing and learning about the environment in which we live.

Because we are unrelated to pressures by any organization


Because our maximum is based on offering objective results


Because we are an economic development consultancy committed to values

Our studies, in addition, are a laboratory for methodological learning and the implementation of new market research techniques.

Our studies and publications

Market study on political impact

Degree and type of online presence in the commerce sector in Catalonia

Ecommerce research 2019 (V2)

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Market study on political impact

Motivational factors and degree of adoption of ecommerce in Catalonia

Ecommerce research 2019

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Market trade study

Guide with guidelines to start a quality business

Guide to commercial entrepreneurship

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Market study on ecommerce

Study on the implementation of ecommerce in small and micro commerce

Ecommerce research

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